The Top 5 Necessities to Reach the Millennial Market

The Millennial Generation are people born between 1982-2002. The majority of this age group is now established in their careers, buying homes, having children, and working with discretionary funds.

What makes this generation unique?  They are tech-savvy, but were raised playing outside. They don’t carry cash. They have already invested in their retirement funds. They were raised in a generation where college and beyond was necessary. They are online shoppers, using reviews as a driving force for decision-making and authority.

So how do you appeal to this particular market with your brand?

  1. You absolutely need a website. 
    • There’s no getting around this one, friends. In an age where you can set up your own shopping website with BigCommerce or Shopify for pennies on the dollar, there is literally no excuse for not having your own shopping website. If you run your own business, BigCommerce and Shopify are incredibly reliable and efficient resources. Websites, for the Millennial Market, prove that you are not only a legitimate business with authority on your subject, but that you are professional and serious. Websites are game-changers for Millennials; they don’t just expect any run-of-the-mill website; it needs to be mobile responsive, fast-loading, efficient, filled with professional photography, and high-end graphics. Read more about eCommerce websites.
  2. You need honest reviews.
    • The Millennial Market is driven by honest reviews. I use the term “honest” here because while we may be tempted to delete negative reviews believing they will impact us poorly, they actually make the products appear more truthful. If you’re selling a quality product, and I’m sure you are, you will have only a few poor reviews negating the many positives. You want to try and elicit as many published reviews as possible to prove not only that others are buying your product, but to relate to potential customers.
  3. You need a story.
    • Millennials are well-educated and have the world at their fingertips because they are so tech-savvy, in order to stand-out in a crowd, you need a story which demonstrates your brand and explains what sets you apart. You have to show why someone should buy your product instead of ordering something similar for half the price from abroad.
  4. You need a cause.
    • Much like the concept of having a story, having a cause, purpose, or charity, is a driving force to define your brand, you, and most of all – to define the buyer’s philanthropy. Millennials always seem strapped for time, and they have full intentions to do good, but may not have the ability, so if buying your product is also offering a donation or service to a cause, you’re making the buyer feel good inside and out.
  5. You need customization features.
    • The Millennial market is unique in that its lost in a lot of the white noise of the internet. While Generation X came from a staunchly defined focus of civil liberties, and the Baby Boomers were fighting oppression, the Millennials are still young and seeking their own imprint on the world. Offering customized features allows people (not just Millennials) to add a piece of themselves, which also clearly defines your brand. You don’t have to change everything you offer, but make minor adjustments where customers can make their own choices about some factor. For example, perhaps you offer a set number of products, you can make a choose-your-own gift set which allows customers to define what products will be a part of it.

All in all, if you’re seeking to market to Millennials, it’s imperative to understand their culture and needs. Some big-box favorites of Millennials include Lush, Apple, Teespring – take a look at these companies to get a better idea of how they’re imparting each of the aforementioned points.

Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo
Vine Vendor Network


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