Advice for Starting Your Own Business from Entrepreneurs

Advice for Starting Your Own Business from Entrepreneurs

The best advice for those of you seeking to start your own business is advice from people who have done it!  Whether you’re building your own brand or establishing yourself as a direct salesperson, it’s key to always listen listen listen. Listen to the needs of your customers, listen to wisdom from the people who have achieved success, and listen to your gut instincts.

Starting with my own piece of advice for you:

“Start a blog to build your brand and your business, but remain conscientious and consistent about it. People will judge you and your products on how effectively you communicate. If you’re inconsistent, people will think you lack the same drive in your business. If your grammar and punctuation are poor, people will believe you’re careless.” – Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo of Bath, Body, Candle Moments

Some advice from fellow entrepreneurs who HAVE done it!

“If you believe in your business, don’t ever give up. The going WILL get tough, but keep believing!! Only YOU can make your dreams come true!” – Jenn Rivera of LuLaRoe

“1. Find capital (savings, loan, or what I did -sell your car)  2. Figure out your costs to the bottom penny.   3. If you like sleep, starting your own business is not for you.” – Igor Yakolev of BeezyBeez Honey

“Research! There are so many resources that you can use. Your business will benefit in the long run if you took your time to gather as much information as possible before you spent a nickel on inventory.” – Rolande Sumner of Butter Angels

Always be productive. Make sure you have a business plan that you are following and constantly assessing and reassessing your goals. If something is not working toss it out and find out what does, of course after trial and error.”  – Tiffany Semmons  of  Imbued, LLC 

“Know what your competitors do right and learn from what they have done wrong! Also, set specific goals each month.” – Univerze Ramos of Bubbly Moon Naturals 

“It takes time to see the results that you bring to yourself, to your business, and to your customers. Don’t let a little slow period discourage you, keep pushing forward and upward.” – RoseMary Algerio of Thirty-One Gifts

“Work on creating contacts and the sales will come.” – Sandra D’Auria of Origami Owl

“Expect to fail. You may fail in big ways or tiny ways. Go into entrepreneurship with your eyes wide open and a pocket full of grace–ready and willing to forgive, forget and move on as you cycle through the great highs and lows of business ownership.” – Kayla Fioravanti of

“Spend your time focusing on your business, not your competitor’s. If you’re worried about what someone else is doing, that’s energy you’re not putting into what you need to be doing.” – Sarah Nesbitt of Coastal Carolina Soap Company

“Working out/exercise in some form or fashion is a critical element to one’s day….and when you clear your mind and body you are refreshed to keep working on your business. Namaste.” – Hilary Goldman of A Slice of Delight 

“Be prepared to wait a LONG time before showing a profit.. and only do it if you love what you are doing so much you can’t NOT do it.” – Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy

There’s a common theme amongst these phenomenal entrepreneurs: Starting your business takes hard work, dedication, and a sincere passion. You can do anything with the right drive and desire to succeed.


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