Looks Matter: Set Up Your Pop Up To Sell

With large vendor events and expos, customers are overwhelmed and excited by the experience, sometimes so much that they don’t know where to look.  The trick to being successful at a pop-up is to create the brick-and-mortar store experience right at your table.

Beezy Beez New York Local Raw Honey

1. Have Clear Signage – From across the entire expo, you want your business to be obvious and distinct. Whether the signage is a colorful tablecloth with your business logo, or across the back of your display, it must be something that is easily read from any point in the room. Bright colors with easy-to-read font are the best choices to ensure clarity and understanding.


2. Create an Easy-to-Navigate Display – A display that is clearly defined with your products in order will be appealing to customers. A sense of organization and categorization is necessary for customers to grab and shop. Group products together that would make sense in the customer’s mind. Make sure there is enough space for a customer to touch an item and place it back without having to dig through piles.


Origami Owl Custom Jewelry


3. Create a Display that is on Brand – When a customer walks over to your table, they should be able to get a complete feel for everything your brand represents. From colors, to display, to ornamentation, it should create an atmosphere of how you want the customer experience to be. Use your table as a space to create an emotional connection with your brand.

4. Make Your Table Tangible – What makes a small business stand out is customer service and what better way to offer customer service than to give your customers the opportunity to actually try your products. Offer up some samples, show them how to use the product, let people play, touch, and feel. Once people can physically experience a product, they can make a better decision (and usually one in your favor) about making a purchase.

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Scents the Moment

5. Build Up to Save Space – Booth spaces are often expensive, so work with the space you have by building upwards. Use shelving to stack your products and maximize your product display. You can use racks, baskets, stepped shelves, even crates that you carry your products with. If you’re afraid of how the shelving might look with your brand, consider a tablecloth to go over lower-level shelving

6. Have Product for Cash-and-Carry – Pop-ups and vendor exhibits are places where people want to come and physically shop. You might be a catalog or web-based business, but these are not ideal events to drum up sales. You could have a table with catalogs or samples for people to try and place an order, but people want the physical product as a cash-and-carry. Invest in some best-selling inventory to have a full table.

7. Use Props and Lighting to Create Focus – Your table is similar to setting a stage. Feel free to use props or different types of lighting to create ambiance or focal points for your table. Items with ornamentation, detail, or glass should be propped up against white backgrounds with direct lighting to give a full effect. Bring items that would go along with your products to demonstrate what it could look like.

The main goal for your pop-up is to create a total experience for your customer with limited time and space. Step out of your own business and imagine you were your own first-time customer seeing your table. What would you need to see to truly get a beautiful experience? What products together would give you that full effect?

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Scents the Moment handcrafts artisan, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare, bath products, and soy candles. We believe in natural and sustainable ingredients with transparent labeling. We are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA, and we are dedicated to animals; a portion of all sales are donated to Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue.

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