Consultants & Recruits: How to Start Growing Your Team

Consultants & Recruits: How to Start Growing Your Team
Co-Written By RoseMary Algerio & Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo

The fastest way to grow a small business is by acquiring consultants and recruits who can serve a variety of functions: 1) Sell your products for you, 2) Sell in tandem with you, 3) Sell as a member of your team (or downline). This may not be the model for every business, but it is the essential model of growth for direct sales and small businesses who want to concentrate on back-end production instead of selling.

It’s important to understand your goal as a team sponsor (team leader) when searching for recruits and consultants. There are two methods of recruitment: Guerrilla Recruiting and Concentrated Recruiting. Guerilla Recruiting involves acquiring as many recruits as possible, regardless of the recruit’s commitment or intention. Concentrated Recruiting is when a sponsor is discerning and only seeking recruits who are sincerely serious about starting a business. Each one is effective for different reasons – Guerilla Recruiting allows a sponsor to quickly build a team and works to concentrate on those recruits who persevere, while Concentrated Recruiting spends more time building the team they want from the beginning.  Each type of recruiting still requires time and energy to effectively build a team who will earn you money, but the difference is when the concentration begins; the sponsor is there to make sure that the recruit  has the support and backing to help the recruit reach his/her goal and to qualify based on the respective company.

Even with Concentrated Recruiting, not everyone who joins on as a consultant joins with the full intention to sell. There are four different types of recruits:

  1. THE KIT-NAPPER. This is when a recruit signs up just because he/she wants the enrollment kit at the incentivized price. These recruits are great if your company qualifies you simply for signing up new recruits, or if you run your own business, these recruits help quickly boost sales – like running a 50% off sale without demeaning the brand.
  2. THE HOBBYIST. This recruit wants to sell, but only to his/her family and friends. These recruits are simply looking to gain some pocket money and get discounted products. Most of the individuals who are a Hobbyists love that they work the business on their own terms – they view it as a hobby instead of a job. These recruits are great for guerrilla recruiting.
  3. THE PART-TIMERS. These are the men or women who work their business during their free time only and they schedule the times they want to work the business. This is very common with individuals who have a full time job or small children at home. This is the type of consultant that you want to look for with concentrated recruiting. The way to attract this type of recruit is to be honest about time management. Explain that this recruit will need to set aside time each week just to focus on building the business. There is still plenty of time for family, friends and any other activities that he/she may have in life.
  4. THE CAREERS. These recruits are looking to turn this business into a full time-job; this is their passion. They work their business 7-8 hours each day and often must commit weekends. Career individuals understand that this is their main source of income and there is a great deal of work involved in selling the brand.

When you find out that an individual signed up just for the kit, even though you were working concentrated recruiting, it’s important to evaluate how you sold the business. Sometimes the person might not have the passion you have towards the business like you do. Each person is their own business owner. Your responsibility is to be there for them to help guide them during their journey and answer questions that they might not know the answers to. Be sure to reach out to them at least two to three times during the week. Let them know that you are not just their sponsor but you are their friend and you are there for them. It is important for them to know that they can count on you and even if you don’t know the answers you will help get the answer to their concerns and questions.

Even with recruits who don’t work out, recognize this is not a failure, but an opportunity to learn on your journey. One thing you never do is give up; you must keep positive and never take it personally if the individual tells you that this is not for them. Direct Sales is not for everyone. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open, even when a recruit tells you that he/she wants to quit. Ask questions to find out what is driving their departure.

  1. Sometimes it is difficult for the individual to meet the requirement quotas that are set by the respective company.
  2. They may feel like they cannot juggle working/parenting/schooling full time while also running a business.
  3. They may feel discouraged because they are not making sales, or they started out with great sales and it tapered off.
  4. They may feel lost and not have the knowledge for selling.

Asking questions and understanding their reasoning is an opportunity for you to train and help them work through the pitfalls. While some may sincerely want to quit, others may be looking for the right answers to their doubts. As long as you continue to support your recruits, know you did your best to be there for them and continue to do so when the time comes that they no longer want to sell the products. Remember to always remain positive in their personal decisions because that person may no longer sell, but could continue to be your customer.

The greatest reward about having a recruit who will be your team member is watching them grow and paying forward to them what your sponsor and lineage had passed to you. There are many great incentives that are given that makes you want to not be just a recruit but to reach the goals and be part of the team. To be a person who moves up in the company, earn free products, earn a trip or just a recognition in an email or on the phone is so rewarding that it makes you want to reach the next level goal. You will be surprised how many times your recruit will start out as a kit-napper or a part-timer and poof next you realize this person is a go getter, a hustler and working their business as a career. Be sure to acknowledge and reward your recruits for their diligence!

The ultimate goal when you want to recruit is to always be positive and in constant communication. Create a group chat, or Facebook group, that is designated just for you and your recruits so that you have a private place to talk strategy and to discuss the ups and downs that one might be experiencing. Use this group as a support network by sharing all ideas and tips to help your recruit to grow and have fun while building the business.

Understand that being a sponsor requires more than signing paperwork, but taking on a responsibility as a mentor and teacher. Offer to help them with their Launch Party and to be there for them in their own groups/pages that they create for their business. Stay with them in these groups until you believe and feel in your heart that they are ready to fly high and be the best they can be in their business. It’s a good idea to have them in your closed customer group so that they can see how you interact, post about the products, and generally serve as a model. Keep them in your customer group until they qualify and then gracefully tell them that they have grown beautifully and your guidance is no longer needed; then remove them from your customer group so can gain business autonomy. No two individuals are the same when working their business. One individual might do extremely well each and every month and another individual will do what is required from the company to stay active. Either way, enjoy the journey that you and your recruit start together and embrace the partnership that will come from being part of their journey.


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