How to Keep Your Customer After You’ve Landed the First Sale

Landing the first sale, especially at an event, is thrilling. It means all of your hard work from start to finish has closed in success. Even harder than landing that first sale is following-up for a second and third sale, hopefully creating a permanent customer.

Have a Follow-Up Plan in Place

  1. Collect Email Addresses. As you place that first sale, collect your customer’s email address. An easy way to do this is to offer to send a receipt via email, or if you don’t have the technology for that, simply ask the customer to write down his/her email address in a notebook.  Use an email client, like MailChimp, to write beautiful newsletters to keep your customers engaged.
  2. Follow a 2-2-2 Rule. Two days after the sale, send a thank-you to the customer to show your gratitude and appreciation for the sale. Two weeks after the sale, send another follow-up either by phone, email, or text asking how the customer likes the product and offer any customer service. Two months after the sale, send another follow-up asking if the customer needs any more of the product or offer up a matching add-on item.
  3. Invite the Customer to be in Your Tribe. Whether you use Facebook groups (which we highly advise), a rewards program, a VIP list, or any combination of these strategies, you want the customer to feel special, like he/she has become part of your story by making a purchase with you.
  4. Have Marketing Materials.  Be sure to include business cards, brochures, and/or catalogs with every purchase to make it easy to remember your business and even easier for the customer to contact you again. If you have fliers for another event where the customer could find you, include that as well. During the busy holiday season, it’s a great idea to simply print out a list of events where you will be located and include that in your packages. These calendars serve two purposes – they make it easy for your customer to find you in person and you’re simultaneously advertising upcoming events.
  5. Go the Extra Mile. In your packages, always offer something a little special or extra. This can be a piece of candy, a sample of another product, some fun stickers, magnets, anything that truly represents your brand and keeps your brand at the forefront of the customer’s mind.
  6. The Power of Postal Mail. In the digital age, it only takes a few minutes to send a quick text or email, but to sit down and write a note or send a postcard by mail is a lost art. Most people love receiving real mail that’s not just looking to sell them something – a card to say thanks, a postcard inviting them back to your store, or even mailing your catalog demonstrates you’re willing to go the extra mile.
  7. Exclusive Deals. Nothing says special like an exclusive deal for a customer. You can send them a unique discount code for a percentage off their next sale, offer free shipping, or let them know there will be a free gift with their next purchase.
  8. Birthday Surprises. If your customer is willing to share his/her birthday with you, it’s always nice to acknowledge that customer with a special birthday surprise. This can be a special discount or a free gift during his/her birthday month, a card on his/her birthday – and if that’s too cumbersome, an email wishing them a happy birthday.

Whatever you choose to do, the key is to always let your customer know you are grateful and appreciative – this turns into true small business relationships which eventually turn into more sales.

Do you have any tricks-of-the-trade when following-up with your customers?




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