Who Do You Know? How to Start Making Customer Connections

When you start a Small Business or a Direct Sales Company it is a great idea to create a list of people that you know. By doing this you are expanding your circle and clientele.

Creating a list prevents you from exhausting all of your contacts and introducing your respected company and products to a whole new set of people.

When you first starting filling out your Who Do You Know list, it’s helpful to think of F.R.A.N.K.S.

What does F.R.A.N.K.S stand for?





Kid connections

Spouse connections

Think about the relationships you have made along the way.  Begin with the inner circle as your direct connection. Add layers to the circle – for each layer, establish the next level of connection.

  • Past Hostesses
  • Past Customers
  • Past Business Associates

For Example: One of my previous Hostesses is my Friends I pick my friend Jennifer, her Relative is her mom Maria, her Associate is a colleague of hers, Kellie, her Neighbor is Corrin, her Kid Connection is her daughter, Alyssa, who does dance, cheer, and other activities, her Spouse is Frank and he works for a construction company. Right there I have 6 people who will help Jennifer to get the news out about her party and future customers.


You will do this same thing for all your previous Hostesses and Customers.

Try something new with your F.R.A.N.K.S. … cross-pollinate! This is a way to get outside of friends and family – that inner circle you started your business with. Take each category in F.R.A.N.K.S. and cross them with each other to discover new people that you have never done business with. For example, your friend’s relatives, your relative’s friends.

The updated Who Do You Know list every year and that will be a helpful tool to support this and will live for a timeframe, such as 6 months or seasonally; revisit it each time you transition to a new season or whenever your business needs a boost.

Now that you have your Who Do You Know list together, it’s time to start reaching out and having conversations.

Contact Methods

Contact methods include phone calls, voicemail, text, or a private Facebook message. Aside from face-to-face, phone calls are likely the second best way to connect.


There are a few things you can do to prepare for making calls. Be focused before you start, prepare what you want to say in advance, psyche yourself up (play your anthem song!), and don’t get discouraged. Your words to say can put you at ease and help you feel prepared. You can make a list of points that you want to speak about so that you don’t forget while you are speaking.

What to say

Consider something like: “I am so excited to share <insert what you are excited about with your company: a great monthly special, a targeted product, etc.>. I wanted to give you an opportunity to consider hosting a party to allow you to earn our amazing products for free and have a fun girl’s night. I have Tuesday, August 2 or Friday, August 5 available. Which date works best for you?

Let’s break down what to say:

  1. When thinking about what to say – keep it simple
  2. Open with excitement, “I am so excited…”
  3. In the middle, share “why” you are offering the opportunity to party with her
  4. Non-negotiable to ask for a date at the end of the conversation by providing a choice

How about when you are out and about? If face-to-face is the best contact method, what do you say when someone notices or compliments one of your own products? Always be a walking billboard and make conversation with someone at the bus stop, in line at the supermarket, a concert, communication is an important part of the FRANKS method and to expand, grow and break your inner circle.

If someone doesn’t know anything about your company be sure to share the company history and tell them about everything you know about your company and products. That is key it helps to get them engaged and keep them focused on what you are speaking about.

Consider saying, “When was the last time you shopped with (company name)” – It’s safe to assume there is brand familiarity. Being assumptive and asking this question allows you to lead with confidence and an opportunity to share about your company.

Contacts of any kind can be intimidating … the hardest conversation you will ever have is the first one.

Sources: Charmed Suite

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