FAQS About the Vine Vendor Network

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vine

  1. What are the benefits of membership?Members get to be a part of a small, personalized network of small business owners who are looking to grow their small business. We connect vendors to events and events to vendors. We offer our own events throughout the year, as well as work with the local community to bring opportunities to our members. We have Meet & Greets approximately eight times per year where we network, collaborate, and share our own experiences. We offer each other small business assistance, a shared, public calendar, and social media features for a minimal yearly fee paid every fiscal July 1st.
  2. What is the fee?For the July 1, 2018 – July 1, 2019 year the membership fee is $25 renewable every July 1st, regardless of sign-up date. Membership is based on Fiscal Year not Calendar Year.
  3. How do Vine Members get space in a Vine hosted event?  For Vine hosted events, a post is put up in our last event group page so the most recent vendors have priority.  Then we move on to all Vine Members. A post is put up on the Vine Member Facebook group. If there is still space available, we post publicly.  Space is offered on a first applied and paid business, first served in each of these of these scenarios.
  4. For Vine hosted events, how many vendors of the same type of business are accepted?  Based on the number of total vendors we have for an event, we base it on uniqueness.
  5. What is the cost of each event?It depends on the location and what the venue offers us (ex: discount, food, table, chairs, water)
  6. What are the Meet & Greet meetings?The Meet & Greet meeting is where we come together to talk about recent past events, upcoming events) on how to make them better and to help each other to grow within their own business.
    1. When having these meetings there are ideas that someone might use that would work for your own business and help with sales.  
  7. When we have an event scheduled what is required for us to have, what will be supplied by the venue?Depending on the venue tables and chairs could be supplied. If they are not then you are responsible for to bring your own table and chair.
  8. What is the scheduled time frame when there is an event?Depending on the scheduled time frame will determine the set up. However, when you sign up for a Vine Vendors Event it is required that you stay till the end time. Anyone who breaks-down early, stands the risk of not being invited back for another event with the Vine Vendors.
  9. What if the Vendor (you) have a concern or circumstance – what should you do?If any Vendor has a concern or circumstance please speak with either Kristen or RoseMary so that we can help.
  10. What kind of display should you have set up?Make your display look like a boutique and not a Flea Market set-up
    1. Appearance is everything and people will stop and look, shop and take a business card.
  11. If there are multiple vendors of the same business in the network, will I ever get a chance to be a vendor at your events?There is no exact answer to this because we do give priority to our previous vendors for our holiday event; however, we also work with numerous other groups throughout the year. So, while you may not get the chance to vend at one of our events, that does not exclude you from all of our events. Plus, multiple event organizers offer their contracts to us which gives you a diverse opportunity to vend at various events, not just events directly hosted by us.
  12. I don’t use Facebook, how will I get the information I need?While we really recommend obtaining a Facebook account to maximize membership, as well as for the sake of your business, you can find all the information on a delay in our members-only section of the website.
  13. I don’t have my business license, can I still join the Vine?At this time, we only accept businesses that have their county business license, federal tax ID, and/or direct sales contract. To obtain these things, please contact your local Small Business Development Center for beginner guidance.
  14. I have multiple businesses, can I list all of them with the Vine?Absolutely. Each additional business listing is $25 per year.
  15. I have a partner in my business, is he/she allowed into the group?Yes! We allow up to two members per company in our group. Any additional member beyond two requires another membership fee.  *Please note you have an additional member in your application.
  16. Am I allowed to add my friends/family to the Facebook group?We only allow verified and paid members into our group.
  17. What if I am not satisfied with membership – can I get a refund on my membership fee?Membership fees are non-refundable the moment you receive the invitation password and/or are invited into our paid Facebook group.  However, you may cancel your membership at any time.
  18. I am not sure if I want to be a member, can I check it out?The first thing we would advise is that you sign-up for our newsletter here: SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER. We would also advise you be on the look-out for when we have open Meet & Greets so you can meet some of our members.
  19. What are your event expectations?While each event is unique and has its own set of varied expectations, the following are always expected at every event:Arrive on time and stay open for the entire duration of the event.
      1. Clean, aesthetic, boutique display including a tablecloth that reaches the floor, hidden boxes, and no refuse.
      1. Professional and respectful talk and behavior to customers, organizers, and other vendors.
  20. What happens if I have to cancel an event I already paid for?Each event that we host has different cancellation policies, but we always expect you to notify us as soon as possible.  Vendors who cancel the day-of events or are no-shows will not be invited back to vend with us and may be subject to network termination.


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