How Partnerships Can Serve Your Business

I did my undergraduate work at Binghamton University. I was an English literature major and Russian language minor, and in my senior year, I was tired of all of my English and Russian courses, so I took (what was in 2005 a new) biology course by Dr. David Sloan Wilson called “Evolution for Everyone.” One ofContinue reading “How Partnerships Can Serve Your Business”

How to Cancel as a Vendor at a Show, Fair, or Expo with Grace

John Lennon reminds us that “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” and this adage holds true even for vendor events that you have already paid for. Whatever the reason you have for not being able to attend as a vendor, there is a decorum and grace involved in canceling. There areContinue reading “How to Cancel as a Vendor at a Show, Fair, or Expo with Grace”

Steps to Take When Your Business is Being Harassed

Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with this process.  It is the cost of building a successful business.  When people really start to come at you and your business, you must be doing something right; as Iago warns us, “Beware the green-eye of jealousy.” The sad reality of doing business includes negative people who do meanContinue reading “Steps to Take When Your Business is Being Harassed”

Alas, poor country! How Politics Affects Your Small Business

I have posted and deleted at least ten different Facebook posts over the last few weeks. I have broken my own cardinal rule – no religion or politics on social media – and have subsequently lost several customers over the last few days as a result of my behavior. In spite of knowing better –Continue reading “Alas, poor country! How Politics Affects Your Small Business”

Learn to Delegate to Be a Successful Small Business Owner

I was just released from the hospital yesterday. I went in for surgery on Tuesday morning and had a two-night stay in recovery. I’m home recovering right now and I won’t be able to return to my teaching job for a few weeks, and I took a short leave of absence from the Vine andContinue reading “Learn to Delegate to Be a Successful Small Business Owner”

How to Make a Sale a Day

Whether you’re a new business or are a veteran business owner, we have all been through periods of dry-spells with sales.  These days begin as disturbing, then doubtful, to downright depressing – we wonder if what we’re doing matters at all or if we’ll ever make a sale again; we begin to wonder if weContinue reading “How to Make a Sale a Day”

NSV: Non-Sale Victories for Small Business

I came to the realization that my greatest fear is disappointing myself – I’m not working hard enough, often enough, fast enough, long enough. But when is enough, enough? I tried to answer this question and the idea of “money” didn’t sit well with me. Am I working my small business because I expect billionsContinue reading “NSV: Non-Sale Victories for Small Business”

Parting Ways Professionally

Not that I ever believed it would be the case, but owning a small business is not rainbows and unicorns. There’s so much to deal with on a daily basis – time management, supplies, deliveries, manufacturing, internet security, effective e-commerce, social media… when you have to throw unprofessional people into the mix, it just seems frustratingly unnecessary.Continue reading “Parting Ways Professionally”

Engaging Generation Z with Your Small Business

Generation Z was born from (roughly) 1995 on. They are the generation of technology. They are brilliant, forward-thinking, socially-conscious, emotionally-aware, positive, and they are anxious, impatient, disengaged, and entitled.  They have the attention span of 8 seconds. If you have not caught their attention span in 8 seconds, you have lost them.  If you’re only usingContinue reading “Engaging Generation Z with Your Small Business”

Creating a Return Policy for Your Small Business

One of the leading competitive edges that major retailers have over small businesses is a generous return policy.  Return policies give buyers faith in the company and generally make buyers more comfortable with shopping.  This especially holds true when it comes to making purchases online. Even though they’re shopping online, buyers want to still haveContinue reading “Creating a Return Policy for Your Small Business”