The Discount Question: How to Mix Friends and Family with Business

A popular dilemma for small business owners, especially in the first few years of business, is how to handle friends and family while conducting business. By “handle,” I mean the disarray and anxiety encircled around pricing products for your friends and family. Most confusion comes from two major circumstances: Friends or family are expecting aContinue reading “The Discount Question: How to Mix Friends and Family with Business”

Pricing Your Handmade Products -The Cost of Goods Sold

When I first started my business, Bath, Body, Candle Moments, I had no idea what I should charge for my work. As a maker and entrepreneur, one of the most difficult aspects of the job is figuring out the proper pricing. The first step is to start doing research before launching your products. Check outContinue reading “Pricing Your Handmade Products -The Cost of Goods Sold”

Consignment: The Enemy of the Entrepreneur

The dream of every new maker and entrepreneur is to have their goods on the shelves of brick and mortar stores. We all want to walk into a shop and see our shiny, new products for sale, open to the customers of the world. This defines product entrepreneurial success. But at what cost and sacrificeContinue reading “Consignment: The Enemy of the Entrepreneur”

The Top 5 Necessities to Reach the Millennial Market

The Millennial Generation are people born between 1982-2002. The majority of this age group is now established in their careers, buying homes, having children, and working with discretionary funds. What makes this generation unique?  They are tech-savvy, but were raised playing outside. They don’t carry cash. They have already invested in their retirement funds. TheyContinue reading “The Top 5 Necessities to Reach the Millennial Market”

Best E-Commerce Sites to Run a Small Business

You’re running a small business and everything is starting to take off for you. Whether you’re reselling products, making your own, or offering services, there is one factor they all have in common – You need to have an e-commerce site! When looking for an e-commerce site, you want functionality, mobile-ready, easy check-out, and product versatility.Continue reading “Best E-Commerce Sites to Run a Small Business”