Social-Emotional Intelligence in Your Business

A smart business owner should know her numbers. She should know her COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), her supply and demand, her target market, her profit margin, her margin of error, the cost of advertising versus marketing.  A successful business owner will know her numbers and the five core aspects of social-emotional intelligence. The WhyContinue reading “Social-Emotional Intelligence in Your Business”

Finding Work-Life Balance in Your Small Business

I have spent the last month sick. I kept trying to stave off illness for work with supplements, hydration, and over-the-counter medications – what I didn’t allow myself was rest… until I crashed. I hit 102 fever, I passed out from dizziness, and finally had to go the doctor and stay home from work. YouContinue reading “Finding Work-Life Balance in Your Small Business”

What to Do When You’re Disillusioned by Your Small Business

It happens to every small business owner. There’s a day, a week, a month, even longer, when you’re just disillusioned by your business. It can come from a streak of no sales, a customer returning a product, a bad review, a poor investment, and sometimes it can even come from not being able to keepContinue reading “What to Do When You’re Disillusioned by Your Small Business”

Why High Schools Should Teach Small Business Ownership

I have been a teacher in New York City for eleven years. I have been an entrepreneur for about twenty-five years. It started when I was nine years old. After school, or during breaks, I would gather all of my old toys that I didn’t play with and set them up on the stoop ofContinue reading “Why High Schools Should Teach Small Business Ownership”

New Businesses: How To Get Legal, Get Established, and Get Started

We get dozens of inquiries every day from potential entrepreneurs who want to join our network, but don’t quite meet our minimum requirements yet. While we are open to small businesses in almost every stage of business, we do require that the business has been established as a legal entity. The main reason for this isContinue reading “New Businesses: How To Get Legal, Get Established, and Get Started”

The Four Books You Need to Read as a Small Business Owner

Running your business is hard enough, I bet you didn’t expect to also be assigned homework! You have to read to keep up with new business trends and marketing strategies; you have to read to keep yourself relevant; you have to read as you continue your growth as an entrepreneur. The truth is, the literary market isContinue reading “The Four Books You Need to Read as a Small Business Owner”

Owning a Small Business is NOT Easy

I took some time off from work last night to just relax. I was browsing through my cable channels and found A League of Their Own on. The movie came out in 1992 and is easily one of my favorites of all time, and every time I watch it, I glean more wisdom from it thanContinue reading “Owning a Small Business is NOT Easy”

Direct Sales or Starting From Scratch – Which Business Model is Right For You?

You’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and now you’re itching to start your own business.  Luckily for you, with over 5 million self-employed entrepreneurs in the United States, you’re in good company. So now that you’ve decided you want to start your own business, you have dozens of options, but we’re going to focus onContinue reading “Direct Sales or Starting From Scratch – Which Business Model is Right For You?”

Top 5 Investments You Need to Make as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur today doesn’t offer the same mystique and je ne sais quoi it once did. The idea of the successful entrepreneur has us envisioning a Gatsby-esque gentleman lounging on a yacht wearing white board shorts, a deep tan, calling people “Old Sport” while his dollars just rolled in.  This is the American dream, isn’t it? To becomeContinue reading “Top 5 Investments You Need to Make as an Entrepreneur”

Ignore the Business Competition

A famous photo of Chad le Clos and Michael Phelps from the 2016 Rio Olympics circulated the internet.   The photo shows Michael Phelps focusing forward while Chad le Clos focuses on Phelps. Phelps took the gold for that race and the photo has become a mantra for what it means to keep your eye on theContinue reading “Ignore the Business Competition”