Checklist to Prepare for Holiday Markets and/or Vending Events

Whether you’ve been in business for a decade or you’re prepping for your very first holiday market, there are certain steps you should go through to ensure you will have a smooth and easy experience on the day of vending. At the Time of Booking If you have any special needs (close to a restroom,Continue reading “Checklist to Prepare for Holiday Markets and/or Vending Events”

What to Do When Attending Networking Events

In a previous blog, I wrote about The Need and Power of Networking for Small Business. So now you’ve signed up for a networking event (maybe your first), what do you do? First and foremost, relax. Attending networking events is an excellent way to get started because you’re teaming with a group of like-minded individuals who are all afterContinue reading “What to Do When Attending Networking Events”

Looks Matter: Set Up Your Pop Up To Sell

With large vendor events and expos, customers are overwhelmed and excited by the experience, sometimes so much that they don’t know where to look.  The trick to being successful at a pop-up is to create the brick-and-mortar store experience right at your table. 1. Have Clear Signage – From across the entire expo, you want your businessContinue reading “Looks Matter: Set Up Your Pop Up To Sell”

Holiday Shopping at the Hilton – 11.4.17

We have been talking about it since our inception- running our very OWN event! Finally, it’s happening! On November 4th, 2017, we will host Holiday Shopping at the Hilton at the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island, New York. Our wonderful group of Vine Vendor Network Members will have first priority to be our vendors,Continue reading “Holiday Shopping at the Hilton – 11.4.17”

How to Apply to Be a Vendor at Events

The first presentation you offer to your clients for vendor fairs is not really to your direct customers, but to the people running events. How you apply to be a vendor somewhere is significantly important because that is your initial impression which can actually better or worsen your chances of being selected. Who to Contact IfContinue reading “How to Apply to Be a Vendor at Events”

The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making While Vending

You’re at an excellent vendor affair. There are tons of customers in your target market. It was well advertised…but you’re not selling anything? You could be making some serious vending mistakes without realizing it. Your table presentation is less-than-spectacular. If you have a lot of product for cash-and-carry, then make sure it is organized in aContinue reading “The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making While Vending”

What Vendors Expect at Fairs

The Holiday Season brings its fair share of fun holiday fairs and events, and this is a perfect opportunity for small businesses to thrive and survive, but for events to be especially useful, there are certain expectations vendors have. If you want vendors to be excited about your event and show up time and timeContinue reading “What Vendors Expect at Fairs”