Accepting Different Forms of Payment to Reach More Customers for Your Small Business

I went to get my nails done over the weekend and as I went to the register, I was told there was a 10% cash discount. As a small business owner, I can empathize with the lofty expenses of offering credit cards as a payment option, but as a millennial consumer, I am unforgiving ofContinue reading “Accepting Different Forms of Payment to Reach More Customers for Your Small Business”

How to Start Conversations with Customers at Vendor Events

I find it easy to talk to anyone, but this skill did not come naturally to me.  Years of watching my father, a natural salesman, use his charisma and charm to negotiate and sell a chocolate popsicle to a woman in white gloves taught me how to pay attention to details so I would knowContinue reading “How to Start Conversations with Customers at Vendor Events”

Three Psychological Secrets to Selling Success

What if I told you that you could sell exponentially more than you currently do? What if I explained a few secrets to help you connect with your customers?  Would you do the work necessary to make the changes to your business to become successful? It sounds like the beginning of a cheesy infomercial, butContinue reading “Three Psychological Secrets to Selling Success”

What Happens to Small Business if Facebook Disappears?

The $119 billion dollar loss is simultaneously shocking and expected. Facebook faced a major trust violation, the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, which has left it with fewer users than ever and more investors fearing the integrity of the company.  With Facebook plummeting 20% in stock values in one day, it’s no wonder small businesses are franticallyContinue reading “What Happens to Small Business if Facebook Disappears?”

How to Make a Sale a Day

Whether you’re a new business or are a veteran business owner, we have all been through periods of dry-spells with sales.  These days begin as disturbing, then doubtful, to downright depressing – we wonder if what we’re doing matters at all or if we’ll ever make a sale again; we begin to wonder if weContinue reading “How to Make a Sale a Day”

5 Tips for how Your Small Business can Stand Out for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an excellent holiday to market your retail or service business, and it really doesn’t even matter what you sell. Honestly, before I opened my business, I always scoffed at Valentine’s Day – I was looking at it through the eyes of a consumer, which has served me well when helping small businessesContinue reading “5 Tips for how Your Small Business can Stand Out for Valentine’s Day”

Copywriting: Write It Right (Now)

I have seen this vicious, silent killer. I have watched it move in the darkness, creeping, then silently staring like a stoic predator hunting its prey. It glares, quietly, yet blazes and burns the focus of your vision. All the beauty of the website, the photography, the products are shut out by the pervasive andContinue reading “Copywriting: Write It Right (Now)”

The Best Forms of Free Marketing

When it comes to advertising and marketing, there are literally thousands of people and companies ready to scramble for your hard-earned dollars promising they will turn those dollars into bigger profits for you.  Some of this is absolutely true and viable; the best forms of advertising and marketing will pay off for weeks, months, andContinue reading “The Best Forms of Free Marketing”

Building a Branded Facebook Group

Once upon a time, businesses could create a free Facebook page, free Instagram account, and free Twitter account where followers would “like” or “follow” their company and receive all of the latest news via social media. Well, not long ago, the big, bad wolves of social media learned that this was an easy way toContinue reading “Building a Branded Facebook Group”

PR Faux Pas: Managing Marketing Mayhem

United Airlines’s recent PR disaster, where they were taped by a passenger dragging another passenger off of an overbooked flight, is just one example of how the combination of poor judgment and social media could lead to major marketing mayhem. While most small business owners would never have to deal with a PR crisis on thatContinue reading “PR Faux Pas: Managing Marketing Mayhem”