Content Marketing: Strategy Through Language

Christine Given-Laureano of Ba6 Marketing asks a powerful question: “When people come to your website do they know right away what you can do for them?” The business buzz term, content marketing, is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that doesContinue reading “Content Marketing: Strategy Through Language”

Small and Micro Businesses Who Want to Donate to Charity

Combining your small business with a charity venture is a kind, generous, and strategic implementation of your business. According to the United States Small Business Association, “85 percent of consumers have a more positive image of companies who are philanthropic.” When planning your donation, there are a few important factors to consider: Is the charityContinue reading “Small and Micro Businesses Who Want to Donate to Charity”

Using Facebook Live as a Marketing Tool

Since its inception, Facebook Live has become a powerful marketing tool for small businesses to directly connect with its current followers and to make personal connections with new followers. In essence, it allows you to create an immediate presentation in real time to anyone, anywhere. Facebook Live married the dream of Skype video messaging withContinue reading “Using Facebook Live as a Marketing Tool”

Key Ways to Build Your Brand

You can advertise your business, share your business, talk about your business, and still not build your brand. The first thing to understand about branding: Branding is your identifier. Your brand is your distinct characterization; what makes YOU, you. You could sell the same exact product as someone else (such as in direct sales), but buildContinue reading “Key Ways to Build Your Brand”

Creating a Blog to Build Your Business

You have been blogging much longer than you realize. You probably wrote in a journal or a diary, you certainly wrote papers for school, you have crafted long emails. The key to remember about blogging is that all blogging is just writing. It’s that simple. You don’t need to be intimidated by blogging because youContinue reading “Creating a Blog to Build Your Business”

The Top 5 Necessities to Reach the Millennial Market

The Millennial Generation are people born between 1982-2002. The majority of this age group is now established in their careers, buying homes, having children, and working with discretionary funds. What makes this generation unique?  They are tech-savvy, but were raised playing outside. They don’t carry cash. They have already invested in their retirement funds. TheyContinue reading “The Top 5 Necessities to Reach the Millennial Market”

Keeping Business Momentum Flowing After the Holidays

The holidays are an amazing time for even moderately successful retail businesses. People are feeling joyful and giving, and this leads to spending money. According to the National Retail Federation, 30% of yearly sales are made during the holiday season alone! So how do you keep the momentum of sales up during the other 10 monthsContinue reading “Keeping Business Momentum Flowing After the Holidays”

Determining Your Target Market

You have a great product, offer amazing service, but are not seeing any sales; the issue may not be with you or your business, but how you’re targeting your marketing. Once you work through these steps, it should help you define who your target market is and from there, guide your decision-making for your business.Continue reading “Determining Your Target Market”