The Vine Vendor Network Brand Story

After a disappointing holiday season trying to get invited into all the busy holiday fairs and being rejected by most of them, I set on a different path; I started to get the idea that I wanted to organize my own fair and my own network of vendors. In March of 2016, after paying for aContinue reading “The Vine Vendor Network Brand Story”

Why Small Businesses Need to Donate to Charity

According to the United States Small Business Association, about 75% of small businesses donate to charity each year. With this number, if your small business is not donating, you are seriously missing out on some major benefits. Small business tax deductions for charitable donations (for real 501(c)(3) organizations) Community partnership and networking Faith and trust fromContinue reading “Why Small Businesses Need to Donate to Charity”

Learn Sewing with Simply Melissy

Melissa Quijano, an active member of the Vine Vendor Network, has been sewing since she was five years old. As her craftiness and talent grew throughout high school, she sewed her senior prom dress. Seeing the need to bring the age-old art of sewing to Staten Island, she now teaches students of all ages howContinue reading “Learn Sewing with Simply Melissy”