Hear from our current members how joining the Vine Vendor Network has been a worthwhile experience.

14212701_10209883054690025_6650624750352656657_n“It is a page to meet like-minded people who help and support one another. We are a community! We can turn to each other and not have to worry about what the other person wants or what they are getting from us. It has also helped me learn of vending opportunities to grow my business. It has been nothing but a joyful experience being a part of this network.” – Caren Shagren Cooper



14457447_10210689803470917_3522667899474841355_n“For me, the most important value from joining Vine is the sense of community, how everyone looks out for one another and gives feedback for those that are new. The feedback is important so we know how to plan for the upcoming season. Plus, getting to meet some amazing people who share such valuable information.” –




10421109_10203869050512235_8182355531306688536_n“It all started with “hello..I’m…” and suddenly you have a friend..a like-minded business friend.” – Mary Mutsakas




14519684_10209228791550518_1598650093256825452_n“I think the Vine Vendor Network is a great place to meet like-minded individuals, get information about many different types of fairs you might not have known about, and learn some new tools of the trade. Whether you’re a seasoned vendor for 20+ years or just starting out, the Vine Vendor Network is a non judgmental place to network, learn and grow your business.” – Brooke Haramija



13775541_10208963100130694_4693388455905890596_n“I knew the Vine Vendor Network was for me when I saw everyone helping each other. Strangers immediately stretching out a helping hand for such a wide-range of businesses. In such a world where negativity is always at the forefront, The Vine Vendor Network diminishes it all and shows the good in the world.” -Cinzia Giudice Tiralongo



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