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What is the Vine Vendor Network?
The Vine Vendor Network is a group of small business owners (sole proprietors, direct sales, LLCs, S-Corps) ranging from one-person run businesses to businesses with fifteen employees, who collaborate with one another about best business practices, sharing vendor event information, and partnering with organizations who seek assistance from small business.

Who is Eligible for Membership?

Small Business Owners

  • Legitimate New York/ New Jersey/ Pennsylvania/Connecticut small business. The business may be conducted online, vendor fairs, or brick & mortar stores. Must have 15 or fewer employees.
  • The current administrator/owner of the business. Employees are not permitted. If there are multiple owners of a business, up to TWO may be permitted into the Vine without incurring another membership fee.
  • Businesses that sell or offer services that are legal and authentic in the United States.
  • Businesses with a business license and Federal Tax ID or direct sales.
  • Businesses with proper insurance coverage.
  • Businesses that are not permitted: Unauthorized food, firearms, tobacco, pornography, counterfeit items, alcohol, anything illegal in the United States. Businesses without proper licenses and insurance in the nexus city and state are not permitted.
  • *IMPORTANT – We conduct all of our sharing and business via our SECRET Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook, you will need to create a free account to best benefit from our services.
  • We strive to maintain a diverse group of businesses. We reserve the right to limit the number and type of businesses to achieve our diversity goals.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Vine Vendor Network?

  • Listing on our website as a valid, legitimate business, which partners and event organizers use to search for vendors.
  • Membership into our secret Facebook group where we post all the vendor event information.
  • Preferred vendor status for fairs and events.
  • Discount vending for our preferred partner organizations.
  • Priority opportunity to vend at our sponsored events.
  • Use of our logo on your website and/or social media to show your membership.
  • Networking, collaboration, and partnership. Vines support and refer to other Vines.
  • A monthly newsletter highlighting vendor events and happenings in the Vine. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER!
  • Free Vine calendar listing your local events to the public.
  • Meet our current Members!
  • Meet our Partnered Organizations!

Membership Rules

  • Businesses who are admitted to the Vine Vendor Network agree to maintain a valid business license and insurance in their nexus city and state throughout the duration of their membership. If at any time a business does not meet these qualifications, they may be dismissed from the Vine without notice and without refund.
  • Businesses must keep their account in good standing and pay the yearly membership fee every January 1st regardless of sign-up date.
  • Once admitted into the Facebook group, businesses are not permitted to advertise their business except for special administrator-driven promotion days.
  • No posting of affiliate links.
  • There is absolutely no bullying, harassment, or discrimination tolerated. This is grounds for immediate dismissal without refund.
  • Vine members are expected to act with a professional level of decorum at every vendor event where they represent the Vine. Vines that have been reported as offensive or unprofessional will be investigated and may be dismissed without refund pending investigation.
  • It is expected that the Facebook group will be a place used to discuss, collaborate, share, inspire, and empower. This includes sharing vendor event contracts with the group.
  • If a Vine member owns multiple businesses, he/she must pay a separate fee for each listing on our website and for claiming vendor events run or organized by the Vine.
  • Under no circumstances may members screen-shot, share, or distribute any information found in the Vine Facebook group or Members-Only section. Anyone who proceeds to share any information with non-Vine members will be immediately dismissed, with prejudice, from both our network and any upcoming shows and will not receive a refund for membership fees or table fees. 
  • Events: There is NO GUARANTEE of participation in our sponsored events, even if you sign up to be a member.
    1. Invoices/emails will be sent out for event acceptances.
    2. All invoices/emails will have a date when payment is due.
    3. If payment has not been made by that date, and/or you have not arranged something directly with me, I will automatically move to the next person on the waiting list.
    4. If two event invoices go unpaid, the member will be banned from participating in Vine events for one calendar year.
    5. If you choose not to renew your membership for the remainder of the year, but still wish to participate in our events, you will be charged the remaining add-on costs to participate as per each individual event contract. Add-on costs will be due within 48 hours of being billed. If add-on cost is not paid, and membership is not renewed, you will be refunded for the event and unable to participate.
  • We are not responsible if your email is incorrect or unchecked.

Rejection Policies and Disclosures
The Vine Vendor Network has the right to refuse membership to any business that does not meet our above-listed qualifications. The Vine Vendor Network may also refuse membership in an effort to maintain a diverse pool of vendors. The Vine Vendor Network does not discriminate for reasons of race, color, national origin/ancestry, sex/gender, religion/creed, sexual orientation, and disability (physical and mental). Should your business be rejected, you will be notified by email with a reason and your membership payment will be promptly returned to you.

Membership fees may be changed at any time without notice. Fee changes will not affect current members, but new members and renewals.

Once members have been admitted into the secret Facebook group and/or received a password for the restricted section of our website, they cannot receive a refund for the annual fee.

Contract Code
Please input this code into your application to demonstrate you have read the entirety of our rules: 576899

How do I join?


  • Must complete Vine Vendor Application
  • Must pay the $20 six-month fee for all qualified applicants
    • This will become an annual fee of $25 in January 2020.
    • Renewable on a yearly basis (every January 1st)
  • *Please remember – all of our business is conducted in our secret Facebook group. Once you have been admitted into the Vine, you will receive an invitation to join.

All applicants must complete this application and make a payment before consideration will be given:

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